Key factors you should know in order to choose CPA as your supplier of cardboard packaging

Choosing the right partner to make your packaging is not an easy task, and should not be taken lightly.

There are many cardboard packaging companies that are claiming they are experts in production of printed and cardboard packaging. Before you decide to make a company your supplier, and your partner in business, you should make sure that the company is sharing similar values and business vision as you do.

These elements should be used as a guide in choosing the right business partner for production of your cardboard packaging:


Each process of designing and developing a new packaging is unique project, regardless whether it is primary or secondary packaging in question. It is very important to choose business partner which in professional manner can approach each project and satisfy even smallest and specific request of a client. However, the basic condition for successful long-term cooperation is that the capacities of the manufacturer of cardboard packaging complies with yours production capacities. That is why, in 2008 we have installed new machine, MAN ROLAND with processing capacity of 16000 quire per hour, and with this speed and capacity we can follow the dynamics of even the most demanding clients.

Competency of employees and regularly serviced equipment

Employees and equipment are the next key factors of successful cooperation. Employees at all levels of organization in CPA are competent and experts in their fields of work. Our employees are constantly being educated, and most importantly they are oriented to the client. Our equipment is serviced regularly, and documentation regarding service is properly archived. Manufacturer of your cardboard packaging always has to have a back-up plan for quick response, in case of malfunction on machines, because if it takes too long to repair the malfunction on machine, it means a delay in production of cardboard packaging, which means delay in your production process as well, and in the end, affects the costs of both sides.

Certificates – ISO Standard

All levels of company that you are choosing as your producer of packaging has to be integrated in ISO Standard, which serves as a guarantee that the conditions of quality in the process of production, purchasing of raw material have been met. These conditions also have to be present in effective sector interaction, fulfilling the needs of clients, in meeting the delivery deadlines, and in the manner of constant measures of improvement of all processes within the organization.

The process of acquisition and implementation of ISO 9001:2008 in CPA has started in 2005 with authorized certifying office TUW SUD Management Service GmbH. Since then, the certificate has been regularly controlled and with excellent grade renewed.


In a competitive market, the ability of the producer of packaging to produce and deliver the packaging material in short period is something that is nowadays in itself implied. All clients nowadays require immediate response to all their requests. This is particularly evident in the industries of confectionery, food and beverage industries. In these industries, new campaigns are launched frequently, which require fast response to changes in the market. For this reason, your producer of cardboard packaging must be ready to manufacture unstandardized cardboard packaging material in short period of time.

The cost price

In its long standing experience, CPA witnessed that, many companies from different industries when calculating their cost price of their products, pay little attention to the cost price of high-quality packaging, because the packaging is always firstly affected when there is a need to reduce the costs. However, in reality high-quality packaging and design is crucial in selling products. With us, as your supplier of cardboard packaging, you can count on receiving the packaging that is reliable and designed to communicate with customers, while at the same time remains cost effective.