Environmental Responsibility

With CPA you can become environmentally responsible

Paper packaging promotes, protects and improves the path through which consumer goods are reaching the final customers.

Superior quality of paper is unquestionable and for that reason design is literally limitless.

There is nothing  easier  than opening and resealing a folding cardboard box and not causing any degree of damage to the box. One of the main requests of finalcustomers is to be able to close the packaging before its next usage. Final customers are also requiring that once they have purchased a product, its packaging has not been tampered with, meaning it has not been opened before their purchase.

The cardboard packaging offers full protection with the help of barcodes, safety print, stamp and holograms.

From all of the above mentioned advantages of cardboard packaging, another advantage that matters to final customers, whether they are environmentally conscious or not, is the possibility of packaging to be recycled.

When you purchase paper or cardboard packaging, which began its journey as an old tree cut down from forest, a forest that was properly managed, and ended in trash basket marked for recycling, you can be sure that you are leaving a better environment for our future generations.

Paper production is a process related to the cutting down of old trees and planting young ones, because young trees allow greater absorption of CO2.

Even when you consider all alternatives, the conclusion is green like trees in your backyard.

Cardboard packaging is the only choice of planet earth.