About Us

The tradition that is lasting for 36 years with the tendency to constantly be in pace with the latest technology for cardboard packaging, made it possible for our company to become leader in the market for commercial cardboard packaging and offset printing.

Respected companies from various industries whose products you can find on the shelves of many stores, see them in commercials on TV, internet or on the street billboards, have long ago recognized the quality of our products and our commitment in making your packaging stand out on the market to potential new customers.

Primarily, it is the result of the large investments in millions of KM in the last decade. This was accomplished mainly by investing in the modernization of production facilities, during which the latest production lines have been installed. Our production lines can answer the requirements of the selective market with perfect design, superior print quality. Furthermore, they can meet the requirements of large volume of printed material in short period, primarily honoring the agreed terms.

Aside from the reconstruction and implementation of new technology, our company is placing special attention on the humanization of working conditions and protection of environment. Since 2006 our company is proud owner of certificate ISO Standard 9001:2008, which signifies the implementation of the planned quality policy.